We all talk about the idea of the highest divinity in the human being.

I have seen it happen in real life. I have experienced the greatest heights of spirituality in a person who has excelled in one of the most perfect traditions of spirituality, but choose to reside in cities thereafter only to show pragmatically the form of yoga which is best for the urban men and women – URBAN YOGA.

Yogi Buddhadeva,
a Divine Energy Healer & Coach par excellence, who, in his life is guiding people, blissful way of living.

  • He is running an academy of spiritual sciences named LET(Life Energy Transformation) since year 2000.
  • He is modern Mystic, a Yogi in the true sense, a Multifarious and Enigmatic personality.
  • An authority on spiritual sciences like Tantra, Kriya Kundalini Yoga, Reincarnation, Past life regressionYoga, Divine Energy Healing, Life Coaching and most spiritual sciences, guiding people for developing their potential and attain optimal growth and well being.
  • He teaches the sciences and secrets of developing potentials and attaining excellence in all walks of life.
  • He simplifies spirituality and motivates people to work for their personal growth, attain their dreams and lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.
  • He does not ask us to change our lifestyle. He simply adds the nectar of healing to whatever we are already doing.

Beyond all philosophy, a Kriya yogi par excellence, who, in his life is showing and guiding desiring and deserving people — the path of higher consciousness and a blissful way of living.

Defining and teaching yoga, spirituality, metaphysical sciences in his own pragmatic way that is most relevant to the 21st century go-getters. He believes and teaches to become soul aware (self aware).” Being blissful being “ is his call for all humanity. An authority on yoga, tantra, energy healing, reincarnation – past life regression and most spiritual sciences, he is full of life, vigor and eternal joy. He propounds Kriya- kundalini yoga and teaches the science and secrets of raising one’s consciousness, developing potentials and attaining excellence in all walks of life. He simplifies spirituality and motivates people to work for their personal growth, attain their dreams and lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.His programs are prepared keeping in mind the “kleshas” faced by people all over the world.He is a prolific speaker, motivator, and emphatic psycho- spiritual counselor. He is a widely experienced and emphatic energy healer and has been a source for miraculous results in many unbelievable and incurable situation. He has created many wonderful healing meditations.

He is a Self –Realized Master who has experienced the greatest truths of spirituality and teaches from his profound experience and the wisdom that emerge from the greatest depths of meditation. He has created several powerful spiritual tools to help the individual, the society and the world perform to its greatest potential.


He took formal education in the science of yoga from Bihar school of yoga and did post- graduation in yoga philosophy. He is blessed by his guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati and also by swami niranjanananda Saraswati. He is also a qualified naturopath. He took training in wellness management. He also took training in modern methods of past life regression healings and blends this method with the traditional system of tantra and yoga. He became a Reiki Grandmaster and further developed and modified this science for the benefit of mankind. His marvelous intuitive understanding, unique approach and personal skills further enrich the science of healing. He is an internationally acclaimed master of meditations.He carries over two decades of experience in teaching and helping people to transform their lives. He has served as a consultant / advisor in top hospitals like Fortis, Jeevan Jyoti etc.He is also associated with top government and private organizations, like Deva eternal yoga new Delhi, hcl, tech Mahindra, embassy of India, (ICC) Bangkok (govt. Of India). He organizes life improving & transforming workshops, seminars, higher yoga and meditation camps, special group classes etc. He has developed the Indian version of NLP. He is a life and a kundalini energy guru (the coach for life).Presently he is director – president of “ Deva eternal yoga”. He is currently spreading the knowledge of Kriya –kundalini yoga, Kriya reiki etc.. His special programs for one and all, especially corporate people and students are very successful and are always in demand.He provides custom- made solutions for individual, family and groups for happy, harmonious and healthy life.