Yogasth Life Coaching


Yogasth Life Coaching is also  known as Divine life coaching is a unique training program for individuals to develop one’s potentials, sharpen one’s skills, and talents and manage one’s life more effectively.  Life coaching as we know is gaining currency worldwide as more and more people are seeking excellence in one or more areas of life. No doubt modern life coaching methods help one reach one’s goals, gain clarity in life about what you want and of course provide tools to get it also. One becomes more aware and confident too to move in direction one desires. And there are many categories of life coaching available today to serve for different purposes like a job, family, health, relationships, etc.


Kriya Pratiprasav Saadhana

Past Life Regression is a dynamic approach that helps in accessing and recalling the reflections of this life or past lives in order to have an appreciative and thoughtful understanding of some physical, emotional disorders which are at times very unsolvable and very difficult to describe. Past life regression helps us to have an understanding of certain relationships that are intense and truly emotional but very troublesome at times. The evident notion behind this popular and effective practice is that reincarnation happens and subsists. PLR(specially Kriya Pratiprasav Sadhna is an effective form of meditative healing in which individuals are taken back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences hidden in their subconscious /unconsious minds.

Sanjivini Kriya Shakti

It is the science of divine energy healing. Yogi Buddhadeva has brought out the wisdom of tantra, Upanishads and higher sadhanas in his deep meditative states and years of experience with healing modalities. Sri Sanivini Kriya shakti heals at karmic levels – the root of all issues in life. Therefore Doshas( the fill in the blanks ) of life are removed from their origin. This makes the journey of life a road above all problems and challenges like a flyover journey. Sri Sanjivini Kriya shakti makes life full of life harmonious, healthy and blissful and abundant. Sanjivini Kriya Shakti is taught in 4/5 levels to the sadhakas. One can become a siddha of Sanjivini Kirya Shakti after completing all the levels.

kriya Kundalini yoga

The Kriya Yoga , Kundalini Yoga and other branches of yoga are independently recognized and taught all over the world .Yogi Buddhadeva , the propounder and expounder of Sri Yogasth Vidya—the Supreme science of yoga has given ultimate key to bring out the infinite wisdom and unfold the powerful being within you . He brings to the people of this age the science of Kriya Kundalini Yoga which is the main pillar of Sri Yogasth Vidya also known as Dev Kriyas . He has formulated many meditative and yogic kriyas & made them simple enough for people to assimilate them in their lives . Yogi Buddhadeva is known as Kriya Creator Yogi and is an encyclopedia of spirituality in Himself . By amalgamating the scientific , meditative practices from various spiritual realms like Veda ,Upnishads , Tantra , Kriya-yoga , Kundalini Yoga , Raja Yoga etc, He brings the most powerful science known as kriya kundalini yoga.