Anoop Inder Kaur

When i came to Guru ji, I was a completely lost person with no direction to follow, but a lot of zeal and ambition to work arduously and find a way to make a content life. Gradually he helped me made peace with my true self and guided me to find the path I really wanted to tread. I owe my present self to him and will always be indebted him for the same.

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Vikram Mittal

Yogi Buddhadeva met me about a decade ago. He has been the source of knowledge and light, a divine life coach for me ever since. God has taken form on earth and His name is Yogi Buddhadeva. He is an encyclopedia of spiritual sciences.

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Mrs. Vandana Saxena

My experience with Yogi BuddhaDeva extends over the last 7 years and spans into every sphere of my life:- personal, related to my family or even on my professional work space. His guidance has enabled and encouraged me to see life through thick and then in an even tempered balanced manner. His wisdom is timeless, ageless and ever evolving; and yet can be blended in our day to day life.

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Suman Gupta

Sir has helped me in understanding what life actually is, in all aspects.

In today’s world most of us victimize ourselves with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

His time to time guidance helped to develop an understanding of self and the surroundings, Developing a sense of balance and peace.

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Arvind Bansal

I have been in touch with him for past five years and have benefited immensely from his insights and guidance. To learn from him has been a life changing experience for me . He is an excellent orator and conveys even complex topics effortlessly. His positive vibes influence anyone who comes in his contact.

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Neetu Rani

Yogi Buddhadeva Ji taught me various meditation techniques and science behind his life transforming tools.
Having him as mentor/coach in life is one of the greatest blessing that happened in my life.
He is a Guiding Light for me.

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This was an experience beyond words. I have experienced the true essence of my existence. I experienced what I had always heard since my childhood, ‘Soul is immortal, only body changes’. Your whole life (EMI, car, job, pizza etc.) will appear to be absolutely negligible and insignificant.

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Rajesh Garg

I have attended Samyam (Yogic science course- 3 months ) under Sir’s guidance in the beginning of 2017.
This infact was the initiation of spiritual dimension in my life.
Thru Sir, I realized ,  WHAT infact actually matters and  WHY.
The way Guru ji made us learn the scientific techniques and practices is the treasure of lifetime.

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