Arvind Bansal

I have been in touch with him for past five years and have benefited immensely from his insights and guidance. To learn from him has been a life changing experience for me . He is an excellent orator and conveys even complex topics effortlessly. His positive vibes influence anyone who comes in his contact.

Gurudev Yogi Buddhadeva is a modern day yogi who amalgamates ancient wisdom with understanding of complexities of modern day life, to provide profound insights as a life coach.

He has mastery over yoga, pranayam, kriya kundalini yoga, energy healing and Reiki.

He chooses appropriate tools as per the need of the person to heal spiritually.

He shared nuances of Ashtang yoga and Pranayam to deepen the physical and psychological benefits.

May his mission to bring spiritual transformation through Yogasth Foundation attains greater momentum.

– Arvind Bansal, PhD
Professor and Head
Department of Pharmaceutics
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)