Mrs. Vandana Saxena

My experience with Yogi BuddhaDeva extends over the last 7 years and spans into every sphere of my life:- personal, related to my family or even on my professional work space. His guidance has enabled and encouraged me to see life through thick and then in an even tempered balanced manner. Many questions to which I sought answers were automatically revealed to me during this journey.

Starting with an initiation into the world of Reiki and as a Master Healer. Subsequently on stepping into the world of Kriya yoga or attending sessions to become a Sanyami; several meditation and chanting sessions have filled my life with a higher source of energy unknown to me. Deeper purpose is now attached to my way of living making joy and bliss a part of life.

On the professional strength he has guided the team both teachers and students to follow simple techniques of concentration and mind management. The culture at school is infused and enthused with his teachings.

Above all, he is approachable and we are blessed to have within our city. His wisdom is timeless, ageless and ever evolving; and yet can be blended in our day to day life.

If the community can be led by spiritual leading like Guru ji, the world will be a beautiful place to live in.

Thank you Guru ji for helping me find myself.

– Mrs. Vandana Saxena
Principal, Tribune Model School, Chandigarh