I have attended Samyam (Yogic science course- 3 months ) under Sir’s guidance in the beginning of 2017.
This infact was the initiation of spiritual dimension in my life.
Thru Sir, I realized ,  WHAT infact actually matters and  WHY.
The beauty is when one understands WHY…WILL becomes stronger and SUSTAINABLE.
As i understood, Four limbs …

  1. Personal life
  2. Family life
  3. Professional life
  4. And Social life

are always swinging in dualities of pain and pleasure for every human and bound to give Quality pressure.

The only fundamental assurance to Quality life is our commitment to Daily spiritual practice.
This is the only source of positive energy and inherent joy that helps to become yogasth and effectively manage different limbs of  the life.
The way Guru ji made us learn the scientific techniques and practices is the treasure of lifetime.
As I remember Guru ji used to say that Seed will  not become the tree in few days..it takes time and right guidance to get into the right discipline. Then, this discipline becomes blissipline.

I thank you Sir for initiation on the path of Kriya Kundalini yog.
(The ultimate science , Ultimate art and Ultimate journey…)

At times I miss your amazing sense of humor during the sessions.

Rajesh Garg
Designation : General Manager
Vibracoustic India ltd