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Yogi Buddha Deva

Spiritual Guru ( The Urban Yogi )
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About Sri Yogasth Vidyapeeth

Under the aegis of Yogasth Foundation Sri Yogasth Vidyapeeth is a movement, as well as an academy of spiritual sciences, run under the guidance of yogi Buddhadeva.

It is an international dynamic spiritual and educational institution of yoga, tantra, esoteric and mystic divine kriyas, meditations, healings, and most spiritual sciences. Sri Yogasth Vidyapeeth is also a virtual academy of Divine Energy Life Coaching and many other spiritual and practical ONLINE courses and programs. The headquarters of Vidyapeeth is RISHIKESH India; the international capital of Yoga. Teachings of true and authentic yoga and related spiritual sciences are imparted to true seekers who are looking for meanings in their lives. The aim of Vidyapeeth is to reach as many deserving and desiring people as it can through its in-person and ONLINE programs. Besides its main popular programs, there are hundreds of courses and coaching and training programs to cater to the needs of different individuals who want to excel in life and live in eternal bliss being yogasth. The motto of Vidyapeeth is Being Blissful Being.

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What My Clients Says

My experience with Yogi BuddhaDeva extends over the last 7 years and spans into every sphere of my life:- personal, related to my family or even on my professional work space. His guidance has enabled and encouraged me to see life through thick and then in an even tempered balanced manner. His wisdom is timeless….

Mrs. Vandana Saxena

 Sir has helped me in understanding what life actually is, in all aspects. In today’s world most of us victimize ourselves with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. His time to time guidance helped to develop an understanding of self and the surroundings, Developing a sense of balance and peace…

Suman Gupta

 When i came to Guru ji, I was a completely lost person with no direction to follow, but a lot of zeal and ambition to work arduously and find a way to make a content life. Gradually he helped me made peace with my true self and guided me to find the path I really wanted to tread. I owe my present self to him and will always be indebted him for the same….

Anoop Inder Kaur